The Card’s the Star

I have 3 family birthdays, plus Father’s Day in June, so I figured this was probably a good time to make a start on trying to do some cards.  I had some card blanks, including a pleasing lilac coloured one, so thought I’d beginthere with one for my eldest sister. Initially, I was looking at doing a three-strip idea, using a mix of material, paper and ribbon, but while foraging my small stock, I came across some patterned paper and my creative brain changed its mind. I decided they needed some further embellishment, so had a look through my limited stash of beads and gems and found the perfect thing – purple stars, which came from the wonderful originally buttons, I just snipped off the shank, and mounted it on the card with a 3d pad to make it pop out. I scallop cut the edge, just to give it a little twist. I’m still debating whether or not to edge it with some fine purple ribbon, or perhaps run the ribbon along the card fold inside and out, tying with a little bow, but I’m not sure yet. I’m pleased with it as it stands, and from a time and motion study it’s ideal.

I’ve had an idea for a couple of the others but I need to get some more supplies to do these (why do you never get the inspiration while you’re at the craft store??!!) which I plan to do on Wednesday. I also have 2 new projects on the go at the moment and I’m thinking I may do a “work in progress” blog on them later in the week, rather than wait til they are finished. Because that may be some time!

Card ahoy!


2 thoughts on “The Card’s the Star

  1. Aw thanks hun. It’s a start! I’m bad at remembering birthdays and rely too much on mum reminding me – I need to be a grown up and have these things written down somewhere!


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