I actually have a fininshed item! There’s nothing like a deadline to spur you on…

So, remember the pink knitting from the last post? It is done. Back in March, I bought my mother a tablet. Now, almost 4 months later, I’ve made her a case for it, in the hope she may actually take it out the box and start using it….

There is a little backstory (shouldn’t there always be, when we make things for people we know?) to it. The pink wool came from my mum, who found it in her mum’s house when she was clearing it out after she died. Which was about 10 years ago…I think my mum couldn’t bring herself to use it, but equally couldn’t throw it out either. The second thing is that she loves dragonflies. So it basically designed itself.  I knew I wanted something special for the wings, initially I was thinking I would embroider it, using some metallic threads. And then I found this.


The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but trust me, it’s fab.

So with the help of some beading from a curtain swag and some fishing line (seriously – I highly recommend it!)

A tail…Image

I made an interior case, from the same lovely material too, as it’s nice and smooth and should slide over the screen easily.

So the end result?


It closes with just a simple tuck-in flap to the rear – I was going to use a pretty ribbon tie or something, but I figured the fiddlier I made it, the less inclined she’d be to use it!  Plus she’s never going to take it out of the house, so it doesn’t have to be too protective.

And now I need to go do her a card and wrap everything up for its 350 mile journey to its new home.


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