Not the bunny I’d planned….

I thought this weekend’s post would be introducing you to our new addition…but it’s just not felt like right time to see if there’s a bunny out there with my name on him/her. I’m a little worried that the longer I leave it, the less right it will feel, but I’m trusting in kismet. Or trying to.

However, I do have a little chap to show you, courtesy of my newest follower, The Green Dragonfly, and you can follow her excellent tutorial here –

I’m relatively new to crochet but am pretty pleased with my efforts…tho I had to make do with google eyes!


He has a fuzzy butt!


What I am thinking about, is that I could adapt it as a crochet wirework brooch….hmmmm.

What’s everyone else up to?

(Ps – still no baby partridges….but the eggs are moving!!)

New skills

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I’d treated myself to some new crochet needles, as a spur to help me learn. I learnt to knit as a child, taught by my mum, but I’d never got to grips with crochet, probably because she didn’t either! I like to learn by doing so I trawled for easy patterns, and with the help of set to. I can thoroughly recommend it, if you want to learn, but bear in mind one thing (which I didn’t realise at first, which caused a fair amount of frustration) the UK and US have different terminology for the same stitch; eg a UK double crochet is a US single, and so on. So I learnt US because the majority of online patterns are from the states. I think once I’m more familiar with it all them I’ll manage to switch between both, but for the meantime I’ll stick with what I (nearly) know.
So….I thought I’d bring you a little pattern. I was inspired by this pattern but I couldn’t work the tail, so I improvised and made my own version.

So you start with a magic circle (still working on that, sometimes it works, sometimes not so much) and sc 10 into it. Sl st to join.



Chain 3, triple into next stitch, double into same stitch, sl to next. Repeat all the way round.


Then ch approx 50 (or the length of a specific book) then sc 3 into the second chain from the hook, 2 into the next, 1 into the next then sl st to finish in the next. Weave in ends and you’re done. I like the little “j” shape, as its my initial but also as it curls round your pages like its keeping it safe! You can also do the magic circle and 10 in one colour then switch before chaining, like this



I’m planning to stock some of these in my etsy shop when I get it going as they’re a quick and nifty little gift for people. I’m also looking at adding beads and sparkles and possibly doing them in wirework….which is where my next learning curve begins!