A little something followed up

I bought some lovely wooden buttons from ebay, one of which was just right for the scarf from the last post. It is on, and ready to head off to its new owner.

20140128-214853.jpg close up on the button


And the rest of the buttons. I like using buttons on cards, so its highly likely thats where some of the smaller ones are headed. Especially given that there’s a couple of heart ones in there and it’s nearly February…



Two minute card

Actually, if you laid everything out in advance you could probably do it in one minute. But I’m rarely that organised!

So here’s what I did:

Take a preformed card blank. Take a piece of fancy card from my stash. Grab my wavy pattern scissors (mine came from Dunelm Mill and were very reasonably priced). Cut a long strip off the edge of the card (that would be the front), retaining the cutting. Whack sticky dots on the fancy card’s four corners, stick the cut strip to the left hand edge of the fancy card and then stick to the card blank. If necessary trim the top on a cutter. Et voila.

You can add a ribbon loop to sit in the fold, or I sometimes use a metallic embroidery thread as I have a stash of them and don’t like sewing with them. Or sometimes I’ll use a tiny peg and clip a corresponding smaller square, or a bow or sometimes a fancy button.

But the pattern was busy enough that anything else seemed too fussy and I wanted a simple clean look, plus I was in a total rush to do it at 5.30am before I left for work! And it really did just take two minutes.


I’m a bit rubbish at remembering people’s birthdays etc, and invariably end up buying a card from the poor selection in the canteen at my work. It took less time to make this card than it would to walk to the other side of the campus where the canteen is and buy one.


The Card’s the Star

I have 3 family birthdays, plus Father’s Day in June, so I figured this was probably a good time to make a start on trying to do some cards.  I had some card blanks, including a pleasing lilac coloured one, so thought I’d beginthere with one for my eldest sister. Initially, I was looking at doing a three-strip idea, using a mix of material, paper and ribbon, but while foraging my small stock, I came across some patterned paper and my creative brain changed its mind. I decided they needed some further embellishment, so had a look through my limited stash of beads and gems and found the perfect thing – purple stars, which came from the wonderful http://www.missfortune.co.uk/ originally buttons, I just snipped off the shank, and mounted it on the card with a 3d pad to make it pop out. I scallop cut the edge, just to give it a little twist. I’m still debating whether or not to edge it with some fine purple ribbon, or perhaps run the ribbon along the card fold inside and out, tying with a little bow, but I’m not sure yet. I’m pleased with it as it stands, and from a time and motion study it’s ideal.

I’ve had an idea for a couple of the others but I need to get some more supplies to do these (why do you never get the inspiration while you’re at the craft store??!!) which I plan to do on Wednesday. I also have 2 new projects on the go at the moment and I’m thinking I may do a “work in progress” blog on them later in the week, rather than wait til they are finished. Because that may be some time!

Card ahoy!