Bits and Pieces

Too much to do and not enough hours in the day! That’s definately where I am right now, alas. So nothing complete to show for my small efforts but also trying not to get downhearted by my lack of progress. At the end of the day this is, for the moment, meant for fun and the love of crafting and I do have a full time job that takes me out the house for about 11 hours a day and is about to head into crazy-busy time.

So, in the meantimes, Bits and Pieces.

I needed another ball of cream wool for a cute knitted summer dress I’m doing (and more of that in the next post) and this meant a visit to the charity shop where I got the last ball. This is a double bonus, as far as I’m concerned; I get to buy wool and give to charity at the same time! While there, I spotted a basket of offcuts, and fell for this ….pale mocha, lovely texture and asking to be played with! And it cost me 20p!!!!!


This? Scary pink, huh? This is going to be the outer cover of a tablet cover for my mum. The inside cover is a fabulous piece of material that changes colour in the light, going from a petrol blue through to a dark brown, via a gorgous copper. I’m also going to embroider a dragonfly on the front – my mum has a thing about them – using the same fabric for the wings, and incorporating some of the beading in the bottom image. I need to get on with that – her birthday’s in 12 days…..


Next post…more cards, hopefully the finished tablet cover, the afore-mentioned summer dress and my laundry bag!!