Today’s to do

I used to have this choker, bought from a second hand market.


I wore it a lot, and then the clasp broke. I fashioned a repair. Kind of. And then when I relocated it got left in the other house and I got used to not wearing it. Fast forward 18 months to our reuniting….and I’d kind of fallen out of love with it. Well, not so much the bits as the main – the chain just felt wrong. So I got to thinking a little while ago, that I’d take it apart and remount it.
So I did.


But now I’ve taken it apart, I wondered if that was enough. I debated actually replacing the linkage but have talked myself back from that and instead I’m just going to replace the plastic-looking cream and dark brown beads, so now I’m just unsure of two things – what colours and what necklace?
I’m looking at browns and greens


So my question, dear readers, how to string it? I could crotchet a chain with brown cord or maybe with wire. I could recycle another necklace and use that. Or I could do something I’ve yet to think of but you’re about to tell me…thoughts in a comment highly appreciated!