Well Begun is Half Done

Otherwise known as Let’s Tidy Up my Craft Box.

I had a piece to work on, but I’ve not been able to settle to it this week. I’m no neat freak, but I do find a peace in things having a place and being in them.

All my jewellery making lives in a sparkly box, which was originally a Christmas hamper from family. But I had so many packets of beads and clasps and findings that, ironically, I couldn’t find things.

Because my brain hates me and allows me all of half an hour extra in bed on a Sunday, I decided today was a good day to tackle it.

First, empty the box…


Wow. I have a lot of stuff. I really should actually make some jewellery and make a dent in it.


So now I can see what I have….my OCD can really kick in. Yes, those little pots are now housing the contents of the bags. Because the bags have a sticky strip that sticks to everything but the bag and drives me crazy.
And yes. I did write labels telling my what everything is. I really regret not having one of the clicky label makers. It may now be on my wish list.


And then, as is my way, I had doubt that I’d picked the right storage. I decided to change my mind (I’m female, it’s a basic right), and use a box I keep embroidery thread in. However, my beloved pointed out that I frequently sit on the couch crafting, then go to get up and fall over with dead legs, catapulting whatever I was working on across the room. Which is possibly a nicer way of saying I’m a clumsy sod. So I compromised and put the tubs in the storage box. Belt and braces approach.


Clean, tidy and ready for me to stop procrastinating.