Upcycling for bunnies

Short on content, but heavy on images!

I can’t imagine it’s escaped your notice, but for those who don’t know, I have a bunny.

This is Toby. He is number 5, and for the moment, the last one. The only boy, he is also in some ways, the sweetest, and the smartest. Hence the “if you’re not going to let me out, I’ll do it myself” photo. He can differentiate the rustle of a Hobnob packet from any other, and also recognises the pop of the Kilner jar they live in. I kid you not.

Toby likes heat. A sunbeam, the fire, a radiator, he’s not fussy, as long as its warm. He will move his pen around the dining room to catch the best rays. Summer mornings have seen me fall into his pen first thing in the morning at the foot of the stairs, as it was 12 feet away when I went to bed.
Toby also likes a comfy cushion.

Well, he is quite old in bunny years. And by and large, he’s pretty good on the chewing front, given that we had one that ate a plasterboard wall. (Thanks, Bluebell.) but after about 3 months, his cushion was looking a bit sorry for itself.

Thankfully, this coincided with my OH deciding it was time for a new dressing gown. I snaffled the old one, chopped a rectangle from the front, including the pocket (well, it would give him somewhere to hide his Hobnobs).
My trusty little friend

20131110-170402.jpg whizzed up 3 and a half sides, I picked up some of the stuffing Toby had helpfully taken out of his existing cushion, hand stitched the last bit et voila!

A new cushion, and there’s enough left to get at least three maybe four more. Hurrah for up cycling!
And I think Toby would agree.