And so it begins

Such a long time away. Sometimes it’s felt like it’s been too long to come back. But then I think it’s a Catch 22; with nothing to bog about, I won’t craft = with nothing to craft for I’ll have nothing to blog.

So here I start once more. Putting behind me the pressures of work and life that have kept me away. And trying to move on from the hardest part – losing my sweet little Toby.

I find that sometimes, when the bad happens, you just have to wait for the good. Well, maybe not good as such, just something opposite to before. Sometimes it comes the next day, sometimes you have to wait a week. I seem to have had to wait months. But I think it’s here.

I came home from work on Friday to see my tulips had emerged from nowhere.

Pretty, sure, but not enough to change everything. I went to have a look….and found this.

After a bit of research, it would appear that the Grey-Legged Partridges that like to wander about the garden and peck at the TTs alloys (they seem to prefer it to the Peugot. Not unlike us.) have decided that between the raspberry canes and the tulips is the perfect spot for building a nest.
This may also explain why the Grey-Legged Partridge is on the RSPB’s red extremely endangered list. But I figure I’m being reminded that life goes on. (Of course, if they don’t hatch, or get foxed/stoated/rated/etc) I’m going to feel crap, but I’m trying to be optimistic.

So there we are. New life, new start. And some spring flowers in my garden.