Hello world!

Welcome to my brave new world. Or something.

This is my way of giving myself a kick up the bum to actually “do”, instead of just talk about “doing”. Believe me, I talk the talk pretty well, so I’m actually quite surprised to have actually come this far!

I’m planning to use this to record my journey/walk/crawl/stagger/leap into my newworld, which will hopefully result in building an online shop or two, making my fortune, giving up my real job and running off to live in the country. Oh wait, that last bit is already true. But I have plans to self build a timber frame kit house in the middle of nowhere, so let’s add that to the list of dreams. Because sometimes they come true.

So, you can expect anything from sewing, knitting, reading, card-making, gardening and more likely real life random nonsense. And probably ranting. But there will always be tea in the pot, or coffee in the percolator, so pull up a chair, grab a biscuit and join me.

Just watch out for the bunnies. They’re always here too.