A little something followed up

I bought some lovely wooden buttons from ebay, one of which was just right for the scarf from the last post. It is on, and ready to head off to its new owner.

20140128-214853.jpg close up on the button


And the rest of the buttons. I like using buttons on cards, so its highly likely thats where some of the smaller ones are headed. Especially given that there’s a couple of heart ones in there and it’s nearly February…


A little something

I have finished the scarf….well, kind of!

I have, I just made it shorter than it was meant to be, because I’d hit my boredom threshold. It’s still pretty cute though.


Sometimes, though, you don’t always want a long scarf, say if your coat is tight-fitting and you just want more of a cowl-type thing. At least, that’s what I’m trying to convince myself. The other thought I had was to get a pretty button (and it’s just possible that I may be currently bidding on some pretty wooden floral ones on ebay) and pop that on to keep it fastened, taking advantage of the convenient holey pattern!
And here’s a close up.


I may even be truly awful and not block it, and just give it a gentle squish under my computer for the evening – a sneaky trick I use way too often to flatten things!

I’ve had a creative lightbulb moment on a wirework project, but alas it has to wait, as I’m about to start something for a friend’s birthday in a few days. I have no idea if this present is going to work as I’m going to have to use double knit wool in two strands as I don’t have the chunky wool the pattern says so off I go to do a boring but necessary swatch.

What’s going on with you?